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COVID-19 Prevention—How to Disinfect Your Laundry

COVID-19 Prevemtion

As COVID-19 prevention remains at the forefront of our minds, many of us are washing our hands thoroughly, sanitizing high-touch surfaces and practicing social distancing. However, an area we may not be paying the same disinfection attention to is our laundry.

According to TODAY, experts state that coronaviruses can live on clothing and fabrics anywhere from several hours to a few days! This makes it essential to properly handle, disinfect and wash laundry to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. Keep in mind that the germs that causes other infection diseases, like staph, E. coli and salmonella, can survive for weeks, especially on wet laundry like sweaty workout clothes and moist towels.

Here are a few tips to help you clean and disinfect laundry items effectively.

Change Clothes When You Get Home

Change your clothes as soon as you get home from any outings. To be as safe as possible, spray items with Clear Gear and let dry for 10 minutes before laundering. Clear Gear is on the EPA list of registered disinfectants that kill coronaviruses.

Use a Safe Detergent

Wash your clothes with a safe laundry detergent after pre-treating with Clear Gear. You may want to consider a detergent that contains bleach for washing lighter clothes as an extra preventive measure.

Go Warm

The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) recommends using the warmest water setting possible to wash your laundry.

Dry Thoroughly

It’s important to let laundry dry completely before using it or putting it away. Wet fabric—even if it’s just been washed—can attract germs.

Separate Carefully

Don’t mix all your dirty laundry in one wash. Wash towels and linens separately from clothing since they typically carry more germs. Towels also remain damp for a longer period after use, making them a breeding ground for nasty bacteria.

If you need to wash laundry for someone who tests positive or is exposed to COVID-19, wear disposable gloves. Use Clear Gear to disinfect all surfaces the laundry comes into contact with. Thoroughly wash your hands with warm water and soap immediately after removing the gloves.

Disinfect Your Hamper & Laundry Basket

Sanitize the interior of your hamper and laundry basket with Clear Gear every time you take laundry out of it. This will stop germs from lingering there.

Click through to for more information about cold, flu and COVID-19 prevention.

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