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COVID-19 Prevention—How to Disinfect Your Car

COVID-19 Prevention

Disinfection is essential for COVID-19 prevention. You may have gotten serious about sanitizing your home, but what about your car? Our vehicles play an important role in our daily lives, even if we’re working from home. You probably still drive to the grocery store, pharmacy, doctor’s office, gas station and other essential stops.

Your car has many areas that you touch often and are a breeding ground for germs. This makes it essential to apply serious disinfectant measures to your car on regular basis. If you clean and sanitize it properly, you will reduce the risk of coronavirus exposure for both yourself and your passengers. Consider carrying a travel size disinfectant spray in your car to keep with you on the go to make disinfecting your car easier.

Here are tips for disinfecting your car to help with flu, cold and COVID-19 prevention.

Focus on the Steering Wheel

Your steering wheel is the germiest part of your car since you touch it so often and immediately after going to different places. In fact, a study showed that steering wheels have more germs than toilet seats! Spray it with Clear Gear and let dry for at least 10 minutes before driving—and after every trip.

Hit Commonly Touched Areas

Your car is filled with high-touch areas where germs can fester, from the radio, window and temperature controls to the door handles, arm rests, seat adjuster and gear shift. Other items you may touch a lot include the cup holders, middle console and glove compartment. Disinfect each of these areas with a powerful antibacterial spray like Clear Gear. Spray each area thoroughly and let dry for a minimum of 10 minutes.


Vacuum the car regularly to remove germs tracked in from shoes. Spray with Clear Gear afterwards and let dry. Steam clean the carpets monthly for deep sanitation.


Touchscreen displays require attention as well. Do not spray anything directly onto these areas. Instead, spray a microfiber cloth sprayed with a disinfectant like Clear Gear and use it to wipe down screens.

Extra Care for Ride Shares

If you drive for Uber or Lyft, at the very least, you should clean and disinfect all high touch areas at the beginning and end of each shift. Keep a stash of hand sanitizer in the car—and use it. If possible, wear a mask and keep the windows open while driving.

Follow these steps to reduce your risk of infection so you can enjoy your car every time you drive. Visit this link for more tips for cold, flu and COVID-19 prevention.

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