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How to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

COVID-19 prevention

Deep cleaning and disinfecting your house is more important than ever. Now that COVID-19 prevention is on everyone’s minds, it’s time to take our cleaning game to the next level. We need to ramp up those deep cleanings, perform daily maintenance and disinfect continuously to help protect ourselves and our loved ones.

There’s a favorite room in everyone’s house—and for many, it’s the kitchen. It’s often the heart of the home, where meals are prepared and shared. The kitchen is also one of the areas that gets dirty the fastest and requires continuous effort. You can help keep it sparking and prevent the spread of germs by paying special attention to the areas below.

The Sink

One of the busiest—and germiest—areas in your kitchen is the sink. It’s where we clean and scrub almost everything that comes through, from produce to dirty dishes. Many mistakenly assume the sink is clean since so much washing takes place in it. Yet it’s where we toss bacteria-filled food scraps and grime builds up the most. Clean the sink every day with your favorite solution and scour it a few times a week with a damp sponge and baking soda.

Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinets in your kitchen are another breeding ground for germs. Clean their interior and doors with soap and a microfiber cloth. Pay special attention to the handles since they are a high-touch surface. Spray a microfiber cloth or dry wipes with a powerful hospital disinfectant spray like Clear Gear and wipe the handles to kill germs.


Deep cleaning the refrigerator is a major project—and a very necessary one. It’s a dispensary for produce and other perishable items that we sometimes forget about. Spills and leaks happen all the time and the shelves seem to attract crumbs. Remove everything inside, including the shelves and drawers. Wash them with soapy water and set aside to dry. Spray the inside of the refrigerator and soak the bins with a solution of water mixed with baking soda or vinegar. Wipe everything down with a cloth and let dry before putting items back inside.

The Kitchen Floor

Make the kitchen floor sparkle like it’s clean enough to eat off with regular deep cleaning. Start by sweeping and carefully vacuuming to remove dust and dirt. If you have hardwood floors, follow by thoroughly scrubbing with a mop or soft cloths. Let the floor dry or use towels to absorb excess water before letting anyone walk through. If there is a rug on the floor, spray it with a powerful antibacterial spray for sports equipment or hospital disinfectant spray like Clear Gear and let it dry. Steam clean the rug after disinfecting if possible.

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