COVID-19 PREVENTION —Air Travel During a Pandemic

COVID-19 PREVENTION—Air Travel During a Pandemic

COVID-19 prevention tips

Many of us are wondering—is it safe to travel again? While air travel is restricted in many countries, some are gradually lifting bans and domestic flights are open game. However, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) warns that travel “increases your chances of getting and spreading COVID-19.” If you absolutely must travel, here are some COVID-19 prevention tips and ways to use a healthcare disinfectant spray like Clear Gear to help prevent illnesses.

Research Airline Policies

Do your homework! Every airline has a different policy that may change on the fly. Call the airlines you are considering flying with and ask what their distancing policies are and what type of disinfecting protocols are in place. An ideal flight scenario for avoiding the human coronavirus would be less than half full, with passengers and employees wearing masks and following strict distancing and hygiene guidelines.

Consider Private

We know this sounds pricey, but if you have a small group of coworkers that need to go somewhere, see if your business can book a private flight using an on-demand charter service like ClickJetz. There are also empty leg flights that offer reduced cost opportunities for travelers. This allows passengers to avoid large terminals and reduces exposure to multitudes of other travelers, shared spaces and high-touch areas.

Choose a Smaller Airport

Again, do your homework. Research the airports in your vicinity to identify which will be your safest best. Size matters—you’ll minimize your exposure to others if you opt for a smaller airport. More importantly, research the protocols and rules in place. Just like the airlines, each airport has different policies. To mitigate your risk, opt for the smallest airport with the strictest distancing regulations and best disinfection protocols.

Protect Yourself

Follow the social distancing protocol recommended by the CDC throughout your flight. Wash your hands thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds, with soap and water before and after your flight and if you use a restroom. Fill a travel size bottle with Clear Gear antibacterial spray and a microfiber cloth and toss them into your carry-on luggage. Wipe down the seat tray table and arm rest and let dry for 10 minutes before touching or using as they are two of the most germ-ridden areas on airplanes.

Visit this link for more COVID-19 prevention tips and information on Clear Gear, our powerful healthcare disinfectant spray.

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