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How to Combat Sports Odor in Your Gear

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Have you ever walked into a locker room filled with such rank sports odor that you could barely breathe? Do you drive kids home after sports practice and store their smelly equipment in your car or trunk? Or do you ever work out on a hot summer day and just throw your sweaty clothes in the laundry basket? If so, then you’ve probably dealt with sport odors lingering in your gear and are ready to engage the superpowers of our sports odor killing spray, Clear Gear.

When you can’t wash sports gear right away, there can be major repercussions. When you leave gear to fester, the situation only gets worse. Often times, the smell coming from gym clothes, athletic uniforms, sports gear or gym bags is caused by Bromidrosis. This fierce stench occurs when bacteria on your gear feeds on old sweat, dead skin and body secretions. Worse yet, the bacteria can also cause nasty fungal infections like jock itch, ringworm, yeast infections and Athlete’s foot—and the first sign of these conditions is the smell.

You can combat this issue with a few preventative measures and an odor killing spray like Clear Gear.

Go on the Offense

Most of us can’t immediately do our laundry after a sports practice or workout. When time is of the essence, then go on the offense and immediately spray down your clothes and gear with Clear Gear. You’ll stop germs and odor in their tracks, while buying time before you can get to the laundry. Don’t let germs and odors fester in that gym bag—open it and spray it down as soon as possible.

De-Funk Your Gear

If you have gloves, pads or a helmet to deal with, spray these items down with Clear Gear immediately after use. If you have a drying rack, hang your gear on it and let it dry. If not, hang them on a tree outside so they dry while also airing out.

Pre-Treat Laundry

Spray clothes with Clear Gear five minutes before washing, like you would with a pre-wash stain treatment. This will eliminate germs and sports odor to keep you and your loved ones extra protected and smelling sweet.

Turn Clothes Inside Out

Sweat, oil secretions and germs thrive on the inside of sweaty clothes. Turn all clothes and uniforms inside out before washing them.

Avoid Fabric Softener

It may seem counterintuitive but avoid fabric softener when it comes to smelly sports gear. Fabric softeners coat the fibers of clothing material and actually trap in odors.

Dry on Low

When dryer heat is too high, it can cause odors to linger. The heat bakes these odors into the fabric, which is why you may have washed clothes in the past that still stunk afterwards.

Follow these tips to disinfect and deodorize all your sports gear and more! Visit this link to learn more about our phenomenal sports odor killing spray.

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