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How to Clear Your Winter Gear

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Winter is around the corner, which means fun in the snow and sports like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and hockey are on the horizon. As snow and winter sports lovers bust out their winter gear, they should also load up on antibacterial spray for sports equipment. The crazy thing is, many athletes and snow bunnies regularly re-use winter clothes and snow gear without washing or disinfecting them, thinking that cold weather kills germs. This is completely inaccurate—in fact, we are at a high risk of illness during this time of year. Cold and flu season is in full swing and there are communicable infections and diseases to worry about.

Here are tips for keeping winter gear germ-free so you can survive the season without sacrificing winter activities.

Disinfect Clothing

It’s essential to wash and disinfect your clothes regularly. Winter clothes like coats, scarves, gloves and hats are no different than other clothing and need to be laundered regularly. In fact, gloves and scarves are super germy because people often wipe their nose or face after sneezing and coughing into them! Spray these items down thoroughly after each use. Take germ warfare to the next level and pre-treat winter clothes with Clear Gear. Spray clothing down and let it sit for 10 minutes before putting it into the washing machine. Pay extra attention to gloves, which can harbor pathogens that cause all sorts of infections and illness.

Spray Down Boots and Winter Shoes

Boots and shoes harbor as many germs, if not more, as toilet seats. Think about what we walk through on a daily basis—animal waste, bacteria from public bathrooms, old half-eaten food scraps—the possibilities are endless. Then we step on other things like debris or leaves that serve as fertilizer and actually foster growth. We track these germs inside even in snowy weather—and they can cause scary diseases like E. coli, diarrheal disease; pneumonia and meningitis, among others. Take your shoes or boots off right outside your door and spray them immediately with Clear Gear to kill 99.9% of these illness-causing germs.

Sanitize Winter Sports Gear

Many germs can live up to two or even three days on inanimate objects like winter gear, such as skis, snowboards, ice skates, sleds and goggles. They also thrive on ice skating and hockey equipment like skates, sticks, uniforms, helmets, pads, shin guards and other protective gear. Spray everything down immediately after each use with a powerful antibacterial spray for sports equipment like Clear Gear to kill germs in their tracks.

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