first responder equipment bacterial spray

How to Avoid Germs at the Office

Let’s face it—germs are everywhere, especially the workplace. By the time you fire up your computer, you’ve probably been exposed to loads of germs and bacteria. That’s why you need an antibacterial spray with the strength to disinfect everything from sports gear to first responder equipment. Offices contain many high touch areas that expose you …

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first responder equipment antibacterial spray

5 Tips for Protecting Yourself From Airport Germs

Travel season is here! This means that you will most likely spend time in one of the most germ-infested places on the planet—an airport. Airports are packed with people from all over the world, potentially spreading germs, bacteria and pathogens at an exponential rate. This is exactly why so many people bring Clear Gear, the …

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5 Facts About Clear Gear

When it comes to killing germs and bacteria, Clear Gear isn’t just an antibacterial spray for sports equipment, it’s a one-step disinfectant with wide-ranging uses. It safely and effectively deodorizes while killing dangerous bacteria and germs. Read on to learn five important facts about Clear Gear. 1. It’s Non-Corrosive Clear Gear is formulated without bleach …

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Why Talk To Your Athletes About Sports Hygiene?

Why talk to your athletes about sports hygiene? To avoid serious illnesses associated with dirty gear and equipment, and reduce student athletes’ risks while playing sports.  With children in sports, you’re bound to experience the dreaded, stinky-gear-left-in-car effect at some point. But did you know that odors from sports gear like cleats, pads, helmets, and …

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