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New AAP Guidelines on Infectious Diseases from Sports

High school and college athletes share more than a desire to play hard and win big—they’re unknowingly sharing germs that cause infections and viruses. Some of these illnesses can force players out of the game at best and be life threatening at worst. This is why using an antibacterial spray for sports equipment like Clear Gear […]

Why Talk To Your Athletes About Sports Hygiene?

Why talk to your athletes about sports hygiene? To avoid serious illnesses associated with dirty gear and equipment, and reduce student athletes’ risks while playing sports.  With children in sports, you’re bound to experience the dreaded, stinky-gear-left-in-car effect at some point. But did you know that odors from sports gear like cleats, pads, helmets, and […]

Influenza – The National Epidemic

Media outlets across the U.S. are reporting on the 2017/2018 flu season – and the news is scary. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that this is one of the worst flu seasons in recent history. In the first week of January, out of every 100,000 hospitalizations in the U.S, almost 28% were for […]

What Causes Sports Equipment to Smell

If you’re an athlete or parent of an athlete, you know that smell. Some might call it a sign of a good workout. The rest of us just want it gone. We’re here to tell you what causes that smell — the “stinky athlete smell” (SAS) — and how you get rid of it. Athletes […]

Prevent Staph Infections at the Gym

You probably aren’t thinking about getting sick from a visit to your gym, but the truth is that athletes and gym users are at a higher risk of contracting an infection, such as staph or others. Considering that more than 70% of the bacteria found on gym equipment is harmful to humans, it’s not surprising! […]

You Really Should Wipe Down Gym Equipment

If you’re an avid gym goer, then you’re very familiar with one of the most important gym rules: sanitize the equipment. But like all the other rules in life, there are some people who believe the rules don’t apply. Like the guy who sweats buckets during his 5-mile treadmill stint and then nonchalantly walks away […]

How to Clean Lacrosse Pads

Anyone who has ever played lacrosse can attest that it’s an intense, high-contact sport filled with dirt, sweat, mud — and sometimes, even blood. This means that keeping lacrosse pads and gear clean and free of bacteria is a critical step in keeping lacrosse players safe, healthy and continuing to play the sport they love. […]

How to Clean Gymnastics Mats

Have you ever stopped to think about the action gymnastics mats see on an average day? Gymnastics mats are ripe for catching and holding onto bacteria. Sweat and moisture help spread bacteria, and when we don’t take the time to properly clean gymnastics mats, they are especially effective at spreading skin infections, germs and viruses. […]

How to Clean Football Pads

Besides playing an awesome game, there are few things that should be more important to a football player than having clean football pads and disinfected football gear. Why is it important to have clean football pads? You’ve probably heard or read about recent outbreaks of superbugs like Staph and MRSA happening in high school and […]

How to Clean Baseball Equipment

Whether you’re the player, coach or umpire, making sure you have clean baseball equipment is a critical part of training and game day preparation. At Clear Gear, we know it isn’t always easy to keep baseball equipment clean, let alone germ and odor free. As clean gear experts, we also know the risks players face […]

Hockey & Staph Infections

Hockey players with staph infections isn’t breaking news. Just ask Winnipeg Jets’ star, Evander Kane of the Winnipeg Jets, who didn’t think twice about a cut on his hand from a scuffle with Eric Brewer. Shortly after, his hand blew up like a balloon with a bacterial infection — one that fast tracked him right […]

How to Clean Commercial and Industrial Locker Rooms

For many of us, a visit to the employee break room is the highlight of the work day. Nearly every commercial business and manufacturing facility plant offers a designated employee locker room or breakroom to eat lunch, store personal belongings, shower, and depending on the industry and shift, even catch up on some sleep. These […]

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