5 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick on an Airplane

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Traveling is a much different experience in pandemic times—especially when it comes to flying. Everything from being trapped in pressurized cabins that circulate recycled air to proximity to other passengers is now a source of anxiety for many. Most travelers now carry EPA-registered, athletic gear disinfectant and hand sanitizer everywhere they go.

Travel may be risky right now, but there are steps you can take to protect against the germiest parts of air transportation.


Bring your own water bottle on the airplane! Studies have shown that water on airplanes is often bacteria-ridden, especially when served in cups. Go the safer route and buy a water bottle right before boarding.

2. Avoid Middle Seats

Middle seats have very little appeal—except for germs. Even when you know those sitting next to you, the threat of germs is presented by passengers sitting in the rows around you too. Sitting in the middle literally doubles your chances of germ exposure. Fortunately, some airlines have committed to blocking off middle seats for upcoming travel. Call your airline to see what their policy is before you fly.

3. Go on the Offense

Airplanes are a hotbed for germs, so arm your carryon with a powerful EPA-registered disinfectant and hand sanitizer. As soon as you arrive at your seat, wipe it down! Then attack the tray table, headrest, armrests, seatback pocket, seat belt and the remote controls for onboard entertainment. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after using the restroom and eating. Use hand sanitizer during those times you can’t get up from your seat. It’s also good to wash your hands after handling luggage and using the overhead bin handles.

4. Store Overhead

Store your carryon bags and personal items in the overhead bins instead of under the seat in front of you. Studies show that the bottoms of shoes are a breeding ground for germs. Imagine the wide-ranging surfaces we walk on every day, let alone in an airport. We don’t want our bags, which we carry with our hands, to share that same space that our own shoes—and those of everyone who sat in the seat before us. Boost your safety measures by spraying the bottom of your shoes with an EPA-registered disinfectant as soon as you get to your destination.

5. Be Cautious With Bedding

If you are scheduled for a long haul flight, your best bet is to bring your own travel pillow and blanket. While airlines are being careful these days, you just cannot be sure that staff is giving things the same disinfection attention that you would.

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