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7 Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

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Cleaning your home can definitely spark joy—but if you’re not careful, you can actually do more harm than good. Sometimes the cleaning routine we develop can leave behind nasty germs, dirt and grime that can cause illness, odors and even more work. Below are some mistakes to avoid along with easy fixes to uplevel your cleaning habits. So grab your favorite cleaning supplies, home disinfectant spray and adjust your habits for a more effective routine.

Mistake #1: Cleaning from the Bottom Up

Never start with the floors! It makes no sense to start at the bottom because you’ll cause dust and debris to fall to the floor when you clean other areas and items. Start at the top and work your way to the floor to avoid having to sweep, mop or vacuum twice.

Mistake #2: Disinfecting Without Cleaning

Many people don’t realize that cleaning and disinfecting are separate steps that really impact the cleanliness of your home. Cleaning removes a lot of germs and dirt from surfaces and items throughout your house and disinfecting actually kills the germs. But if you don’t clean and wipe away dirt and dust, even the most effective kitchen counter disinfectant spray may not be able to reach the germs. Clean dirt, debris and residue from all surfaces, items and high touch areas to clear the way for your home disinfectant spray.

Mistake #3: Using the Wrong Home Disinfectant Spray

Be cautious about which product you use and where you use it. Many disinfectants contain harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, peroxide or alcohol that leave behind noxious fumes and permanently damage surfaces or fabrics. These type of products can also cause corrosion that destroys expensive equipment and gear, like at-home treadmills, Pelotons and ellipticals. Choose a non-bleach disinfectant like Clear Gear that doesn’t contain those chemicals yet kills nasty germs that cause odors and infections.

Mistake #4: Using Dirty Supplies

It’s essential to avoid using dirty cleaning supplies! If you use dirty rags, brooms, sponges and other tools, you’re only going to spread germs, dirt and grime all over the areas you’re cleaning. The areas may look clean, but in reality they may have transformed into breeding grounds for germs. After every use, wash your cleaning supplies and disinfect the especially germ-ridden items, like sponges and toilet brushes. Empty vacuum bags and wash the filter regularly.

Mistake #5: Rubbing Stains

Attack spills by blotting rather than scrubbing, which can make stains worse. When you rub a stain, it can spread and penetrate even deeper into fabric or material and leave permanent damage. Blot stains with a clean cloth to draw out the substance as much as possible, and then use a remover designed specifically for the stained material.

Mistake #6: Using Kitchen Sponges

Many of us reach for kitchen sponges to do our dirty work. The bad news is, kitchen sponges harbor more bacteria than any surface in your house and can transfer germs while you clean. Use new microfiber cloths and kitchen counter disinfectant spray to clean surfaces for best results.

Mistake #7: Only Using One Cloth

A common mistake people make when cleaning is reusing the cloth in every room of your home. This will only transport germs from room to room. Instead, use one cloth, rag or disposable wipe per room. Spray cloths and rags with Clear Gear’s home and office disinfectant spray to kill germs after each use and launder as soon as possible.

If you correct these common mistakes and create new habits, your home will be cleaner than ever and you’ll improve the health of your household.

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