5 Tips for Safe Summer Travel

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Summer vacations may look different this year due to the pandemic and the various restrictions in place. Whether or not you’re vaccinated, there are precautions you can take to help you stay safe and comfortable while traveling. Taking measures like packing athletic gear disinfectant, masking up and following CDC guidelines can make your trip safer for your traveling party.

Here are 5 tips for safer summer travel.

1. Choose Low Key Transportation

Experts conclude that driving is the safest form of transportation, especially for anyone who isn’t vaccinated. It significantly reduces exposure to other people and germs. When you can reach your destination in a day, opt for a fun road trip—and wash your hands thoroughly after pit stops. If you need to fly or take ground transportation, mask up at all times and stay in your seat as much as possible. Buses have very poor ventilation and increased exposure to others. If you have to take a bus, bring your favorite gym disinfectant and wipe down your seat and tray table before sitting. Clear Gear bleach-free disinfectant kills germs that kill COVID-19 in a minute, making it the perfect weapon against infections.

2. Disinfect Accommodations

Disinfect your hotel room or Airbnb as soon as you arrive. Target all high-touch areas and surfaces with gym disinfectant that kills germs fast. Hit everything from the sink faucet, doorknobs and light switches to the carpeting, lamps and remote controls, which are the germiest items in hotel rooms. Open the windows to improve ventilation since aerosols can linger in the air and transmit infectious germs.

3. Go Al Fresco

Eat meals outdoor cafés or restaurants with patios. It’s the perfect option for peoplewatching and safer than eating inside where germs may lurk. When in doubt, choose takeout.

4. Avoid Large Groups

Physical distance remains essential to your group’s health. Avoid large groups and sightseeing in areas with many other people, especially in enclosed or poorly ventilated spaces. Visit sights, shops and museums outside of peak hours.

5. Go Outside

Opt for outdoor activities where you won’t be in an enclosed space with others. Why not make this the year you visit a remote beach or national park? Camping is an ideal prospect this year—consider glamping if you prefer a more luxurious experience with amenities.

Remain vigilant while indulging that wanderlust but enjoy yourself—we all deserve a vacation to relax, de-stress and reset. Visit this link to learn more about our powerful, EPA-registered athletic gear disinfectant.

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