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5 Ways to Stay Germ-Free at Hotels

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Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, staying healthy is key! Nothing is worse than getting sick in the middle of your vacation or missing important work meetings because you’re under the weather. Unfortunately, guest rooms at hotels, resorts and B&Bs are a breeding ground for nasty germs and bacteria. It’s essential to protect yourself so you can avoid getting sick and enjoy your trip. This is exactly why we created a four-ounce bottle of Clear Gear, the premier disinfectant spray for sports equipment, first responder gear and more.

The tips below will help you be healthy and defend against the dangerous germs and bacteria that can cause infections during your hotel stay.

1. Cover Your Feet

Vacuuming doesn’t eliminate all the bacteria lurking deep in hotel room carpeting and rugs. Rock a pair of socks, flip-flops or the slippers provided in your room to protect your feet against nasty germs.

2. Wipe Down High-Touch Surfaces

Don’t trust the housekeeping staff wherever you’re staying to wipe everything down thoroughly. Hotels, resorts and B&Bs are filled with high-touch surfaces and other items many people handle. Pack microfiber cloths and when you get to your room, spray them with Clear Gear and wipe, wipe, wipe! Hit all the high-touch surfaces and frequently-used devices. Pay special attention to the bathroom area, as the toilet, sink and faucets are breeding grounds for germs.

3. Wipe Down the TV Remote

Yes, those premium channels may be a cool perk that you can’t wait to use—but stop in your tracks! Research has found that the television remotes in hotel rooms contain very high levels of bacteria. Think of all the people who have touched the remote before you and try not to gag. Instead, spray a microfiber cloth with Clear Gear and wipe that remote down!

4. Check Out the Air Vents

Check out the air vents when you arrive in your room. Is there a lot of dust and dirt? If so, call Housekeeping immediately to have them dust it or clear it out. Clean air is essential for maintaining your health while your travel.

5. Avoid Comforters and Duvets

The comforters and duvets in hotel rooms are not laundered as often as the sheets and other linens. This leaves you exposed to a cesspool of bacteria and germs left behind from all the other guests that stayed there. Remove the bedspreads or duvets as soon as you get to the room. You can always substitute an extra blanket if you’re cold.

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