5 Ways to Keep the Car Stink-Free Using Sports Equipment Deodorizer

5 Ways to Keep the Car Stink-Free

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It’s carpool day and you’re taking what seems like the entire team to practice AND picking them up. By the end of the day, your car is bound to smell like a locker room. You hate to admit it, but the stench almost makes you wish the season was over! That is, unless you have the following tips and a stash of Clear Gear, the ultimate sports equipment deodorizer, in your anti-odor arsenal.

Here are some tips that will help you breathe easy through the entire season, playoffs and finals!

1. Identify the Source

It’s important to quickly identify the source of odors. As soon as you find where the smell is coming from, you can plan your attack. Check all gear, clothes and equipment that your athletes bring into your car.

2. Get Clear Gear in Effect

Spray all smelly equipment and gear with Clear Gear as soon as you can—before the team gets in the car, if possible. Their parents will thank you too! Spray both the insides and outside of each item and allow to air dry. You can use Clear Gear on everything for every sport, from helmets, googles and cleats to gloves, shoulder pads and even the bag equipment is stored in. Lacrosse sticks, goalie chest protectors, skates are all fair game when it comes to Clear Gear’s incredible bacteria and odor-fighting powers!

3. Contain Sweaty Clothes

Carry garbage or large food storage bags in your car to store layers of sweaty clothes inside. Roll up your athletes’ top layers and store them in the bag until you get home. Get them into the washing machine as soon as you can.

4. Clean the Car Immediately After Every Practice

Remove all sweaty clothes, equipment and gear from the car as soon as you get home. The longer they linger inside, the more time bacteria and odors have to multiply.

5. Use an AC System Cleaner

An additional tip that can help control odors is to spray an AC cleaner into the vehicle’s interior vents. Turn the AC on and it will travel through the vents and car. While this will not eliminate odors altogether, it’s is an excellent complement to a powerful sports equipment deodorizer such as Clear Gear.

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