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5 Tips for Protecting Yourself From Airport Germs

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Travel season is here! This means that you will most likely spend time in one of the most germ-infested places on the planet—an airport. Airports are packed with people from all over the world, potentially spreading germs, bacteria and pathogens at an exponential rate. This is exactly why so many people bring Clear Gear, the leading antibacterial spray for everything from athletic to first responder equipment, on every trip they take!

Read on for tips for protecting yourself against germs and bacteria lurking at airports.

1. Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands thoroughly—which means for at least 20 seconds—after touching anything anywhere in the airport, from the check-in area and escalators to bathroom and waiting areas. Studies show that hand washing is far more effective than using hand sanitizers, but to be safe, carry some with you for times when washing is not possible. The Center for Diseases Control (CDC) recommends using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that is, at a minimum, 60 percent alcohol.

2. Use Doorknobs or Handles Minimally

Door handles are high-touch surfaces that can expose you to germs that cause infections and illnesses. Always go for the automatic doors at airports and look for bathrooms without a main door blocking the opening. Nudge the stall door open with a covered arm or grab a paper towel and use it to guard your hands. Wash your hands immediately after touching anything. Dry them with a paper towel—those hot air hand dryers are a cesspool of dangerous germs and bacteria.

3. Wipe Down Armrests

The seats in airport waiting areas are extremely germ-ridden, especially the armrests. Imagine how many people rest their hands and arms on those armrests on a daily basis! This is where you should bust out your travel-friendly, four-ounce bottle of Clear Gear and spray down the armrests. Wipe it with a microfiber cloth and let it dry before relaxing those arms.

4. Avoid Escalator Handrails

Most people at airports hold onto escalator handrails to maintain balance and stay safe while heading to their gate. While tumbling down an escalator with your luggage is no good, the handrails are one of the most germ-infested areas in the airport. Hit a bathroom the minute you step off the escalator and wash your hands.

5. Airport Security Bins

Much research shows that the plastic trays used to put our personal items through security scanners are the most contaminated items you can touch in an airport. In a study conducted by the University of Nottingham in England and the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare, security bins were found to contain the highest frequency of respiratory viruses. Plan to visit the restroom immediately after going through security to protect yourself from infectious organisms.

Stay hydrated during travel and follow these tips to protect yourself and your loved ones from dangerous viruses that are rampant in airports. Click through to learn more about Clear Gear, the premier athletic and first responder equipment antibacterial spray.

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