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5 Tips For Spring Cleaning

5 tips for spring cleaning disinfection

Spring is here—and an excellent way to celebrate is with a good spring cleaning. It feels so amazing when your house is clean, fresh and germ-free. While it can be overwhelming, if you establish a good strategy and use a multitasking disinfectant spray for spring cleaning, your house will sparkle from top to bottom.

Here are some spring cleaning disinfecting tips to help you usher in the season and kill germs along the way.

1. Start Your Spring Cleaning With a List & a Strategy

Spring cleaning can feel daunting if you think about hitting the entire house all at once. Instead, begin with a plan to tackle your home room by room and then make a checklist for each area. Make notes for the rooms and areas that need extra attention. This will make the project more manageable and shareable if there are others in your household who are willing to help.

2. Declutter

Decluttering will spark joy—at least, according to Marie Kondo. Tackle this task before starting the deep clean phase. Disinfect items with Clear Gear bleach-free disinfectant before creating piles for what you want to donate, throw away, put in their places or store. Move the excess items out of the house as soon as possible to get them out of your way and create momentum.

3. Go Top to Bottom

Starting with ceilings and walls will help guide dust, dirt and debris downward so that you can tackle it without having to clean a second time. Dust furniture and wipe everything from the walls, ceilings and light fixtures to the little details, which include high touch areas like light switches, windowsills and doorknobs. Thoroughly wipe and clean all surfaces from your oven, kitchen counters and sinks to toilets, bathtubs and showers. Wash all bedsheets, clean windows and organize your closets. Use a bleach-free, disinfectant spray for spring cleaning like Clear Gear to wipe these areas down and kill 99.9 percent of germs without harsh fumes.

4. Target Breeding Grounds for Germs

Go extra deep on areas and items that breed germs, like home offices, gym equipment and sports gear. Spray down all your family’s sports and fitness equipment with Clear Gear antibacterial sports spray and let dry before putting these items away. Wipe and disinfect home gym equipment and every inch of your home office, especially the items that are touched by many hands.

5. Hit the Floors Last

Tackle floors after you’ve forced germs, dirt and debris downwards. Spray all floors or carpet with bleach-free disinfectant spray for spring cleaning and let sit for a few minutes before you vacuum or scrub.

Follow these spring clean disinfecting tips for a fresh way to start the season!

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