Use Hospital Disinfect Spray to Prevent Staph Infections

5 Tips for Preventing Staph Infections

hospital disinfectant spray

Staph infections are a serious threat. They’re caused by staphylococcus bacteria that lurk on the skin and in the nose. While staph bacteria is not usually problematic, it becomes dangerous if it enters your body through a cut or scratch. It can then invade your bloodstream, bones, joints, lungs and heart—and even cause death. This is why it’s so important to make using a hospital disinfectant spray like Clear Gear a staple of your lifestyle.

Staph infections can be prevented if you exercise caution and common sense. Here are a few tips for keeping these deadly bacteria at bay.

1 Proper Handwashing

Thorough handwashing is your best defense against staph and other germs. Wash your hands with soap and water and lather for a minimum of 20 seconds. Dry them with a paper towel and use a different one to turn off the faucet. Wash your hands before and after using the restroom, preparing food, eating and working out. Carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you for when you’re on the go.

2. Cover Wounds

Keep open wounds like cuts and abrasions clean and covered with dry, sterile bandages until fully healed. Staph bacteria can thrive in wounds and lead to its spread. Stay away from others’ wounds and bandages too!

3. Do Your Laundry

Staph bacteria are tough—they can survive and breed on clothes and bedding if not washed properly. Pre-treat laundry by spraying it with Clear Gear EPA registered disinfectant and letting it sit for a few minutes before washing. Use hot water whenever you can to be certain germs are killed.

4. Never Share Personal Items

Staph infections spread easily on objects and surfaces and through skin-to-skin contact. Avoid sharing personal items like soap, water bottles, toilets, razors, towels, sheets, clothing, underwear, exercise mats and athletic gear.

5. Disinfect Regularly

When items are touched frequently, they become a breeding ground for germs. Clean and disinfect communal areas and high touch surfaces regularly with an EPA registered disinfectant. Target doorknobs, light switches, handles, countertops, tables, desks, remote controls, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks and toilet flushers.

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