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5 Tips for Killing the Flu Virus in Your House

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When one person in the household catches the flu, it puts everyone else at risk. The good news is, Clear Gear can help stop the flu from taking over your home. This powerful sports equipment and fitness center antibacterial spray helps protect everyone from families and office employees to athletes, construction professionals and first responders. Clear Gear kills 99.9 percent of the germs that cause colds, influenza and infectious diseases.

Here are five tips for keeping flu germs from spreading throughout your household.

Establish Quarantine

Flu germs can spread when a person sneezes, coughs and talks. Research shows that even breathing spreads flu germs. If someone in your house has the flu, it’s best to confine them to one room and bathroom. This will limit exposure to everyone else in the house—and you will have less space to disinfect!

Maximize Quarantine

Put a wastebasket in the sick person’s room and line it with a garbage bag. Have them throw their tissues and paper towels in there and empty the wastebasket at least once a day. Open the windows daily to let stale, germy air out and refresh the room.

Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces

We should disinfect our high-touch surfaces regularly, but especially when someone in the house contracts the flu. The influenza virus can live on hard surfaces for up to 24 hours! Spray and wipe down surfaces your sicky has touched, like doorknobs, light switches, counter tops and remote controls.

Minimize Bathroom Germs

Pay extra attention to the bathroom that the sick person in the house uses. Use antibacterial spray in areas where germs fester, like toilet handles and sink faucets. Be sure to disinfect the sink, tub and toilets as well. If you have water glasses in the bathroom, replace them with disposable cups. If you only have one bathroom, isolate the sick person’s toothbrush so that it doesn’t affect the others. It’s a good idea to remove hand towels and use paper towels instead for the duration of the illness.

Disinfect Laundry

Laundry can be a conduit for spreading flu germs! Never carry a sick person’s laundry by hand—use a laundry basket to transport items to the washing machine. Wash your hands immediately after loading the washer. You can also pre-treat your clothes with Clear Gear to kill nasty flu germs. Simply spray clothes and let them sit for 10 minutes before starting the washing machine.

Arm yourself with Clear Gear to reduce the chance of the flu invading your home. Click here for more information on this powerful first responder and fitness center antibacterial spray.

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