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3 Common Surfaces to Disinfect Daily

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Daily disinfection has become the norm for many in 2021. It’s an excellent practice for keeping your family and loved ones safe. There are many surfaces that we touch throughout the day—and we’re not the only ones. These high-touch areas are a hotbed for germs that cause anything from COVID-19, common colds and the flu, to strep, ringworm and staph/MRSA infections. It’s essential to use a complete home disinfectant spray that is EPA-registered and kills germs fast.

Here are a few common surfaces that should be disinfected daily to prevent the spread of infectious germs.

1. Doorknobs

Germs flock to doorknobs. Think about it—we rarely wash our hands before using them. Doorknobs are touched repeatedly throughout the day, sometimes by many unwashed hands, depositing layers of germs each time. Target that hotspot daily with a powerful sports protective gear spray. Just spray and let air dry or use a wipe to disinfect. To avoid discoloration or damage, opt for an EPA-registered disinfectant like Clear Gear that contains no beach, alcohol or ammonia.

2. Sink Faucets

Sink faucets are another breeding ground for germs. Research shows that they can contain up to 229,000 germs per square inch! Sinks handles, taps and faucets get used all day long, even if you live solo. Pre-clean the entire area, spray with disinfectant and wipe. Give both the kitchen and bathroom sinks the same level of disinfection attention. Do this every day to significantly reduce the spread of germs throughout your household.

3. Light Switches

Light switches and switch plates are some of the germiest hotspots in any home or workplace. They gather grime and germs all day long from many hands repeatedly touching them. Use a soft cloth to pre-clean the area and help remove dirt. Be sure to hit the switch toggle, cover, receptacle face and wall plate. Then spray the area with a sports protective gear spray like Clear Gear that kills 99.9 percent of germs.

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